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Sundance Media is at the cutting edge of Internet and new- media marketing technologies. We leverage our expertise and best-of-breed tools for clients whose growth depends on them.

We entered the world as a solid little web shop during the Internet's infancy. By 2002, Sundance had become a leading light in the "Big-Bang" cosmos of Online Marketing.

Marketers rely on Sundance Media to help them improve their Internet and new-media performance. Our suite of services spans Competitor and Industry Research, Search Marketing (SEM), Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, and much more. What do we do to help our clients do better? Understand and target consumers. Track competitors. Win new business. And cement customer loyalty.

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Steven Goldhar
President and Chief Technology Officer

Steven Goldhar leads the charge at Sundance Media, and it's truly his vision and energy that give Sundance clients their marketing edge.

Steven holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto with additional studies in Finance, Marketing and Business Statistics. What a combo! An award winning entrepreneur at 19, a self-taught programmer and web developer, Steven has been riding the wave of powerful, interactive marketing technologies since he began building websites in 1994.

Steven is recognized as a leader in the field of Interactive Marketing by the Canadian Marketing Association, and speaks regularly on the subject to business groups, college and university students, and at industry courses. He is a member of the Agency Council and Emerging Platforms committee at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (AIB) Canada, and sits on the SEM and Web Analytics committees at The Association of Internet Marketing & Sales (AIMS) Canada.

Steven's not shy. Send him an email or talk to him at 1-866-793-0003.


Whether one-to-one or via agency channels, Sundance Media works with some of the world's largest multinationals and widely recognized brands. Yet we also know what it's like to start smaller. We craft online strategies for dozens of SMBs, designing and managing interactive campaigns that deliver superior ROI to growth companies. We're generally quiet about our clients, but always proud of their achievements. To wit:

Case Study

6X more visitors, 40% less cost

In 2005, one of Sundance Media's valued agency partners asked for our input: One of its own clients, a Fortune 500 consumer goods and electronics powerhouse, was experiencing mediocre online results for an important product segment. It was under-performing its competitors. The campaign was costly; the mood, frustrated.

First, Sundance sized up the client's existing online campaign and the competitive landscape. We performed an extensive strategic research analysis. We then carefully crafted a multi-pronged action plan to turn the campaign around, and deployed it.

Our work lasted several months. Here's what we achieved:

  • Doubled the number of converting keywords.
  • Increased Click-through Rate (CTR) from 0.8% to 6.7%.
  • Generated almost 6 times more visitors to the product segment landing page while reducing costs 40%.
  • Reduced Google Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) by 44%.
  • Generated roughly 3 times the number of new-source leads over a specified period.
  • Tracked response rates side-by-side for Search, Banner and Print campaigns that red-flagged CPAs ranging from $36 to over $1,000.
  • Identified multiple causes of low conversion and high bounce rates.

At the end of our mandate, the client was thrilled, the agency account team members were heroes, and we were all smiles.


Sundance Media is bound by ethical standards widely upheld throughout the Search Engine Marketing & Advertising industries, their leading providers and associations, including those of which Sundance Media is a member. In brief:

  • Our clients will receive our best work, our best effort, always.
  • We will never knowingly harm a client, sabotage a client's online presence, search rankings, good standing with search engines, and marketing efforts more broadly.
  • We'll play fair when executing SEM for our clients, using best practices, not dirty tricks, to get top results.
  • We will not knowingly place ourselves, or our clients, in positions of conflict of interest, and will take immediate steps to resolve any, should one arise.
  • We will safeguard our clients' privacy at all times





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