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Search Engine Optimization Assessment

Place well in the most popular, relevant ‘free’ searches, on a budget

‘Natural’ search listings are unpaid, ‘free’ Search Engine results.

A high natural listing rank is viewed by the public as a trusted source of information, and brings you high traffic at no additional cost. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the effort to influence that rank.

We isolate two of the most important search engine ranking influencers that a Self-Serve effort can address:

  • Keyword Optimization Strategy
  • Linking Strategy

Each Sundance client gets a custom set of reports that suit its needs and budgets. For example, our work for an automaker may differ from that for a sporting goods retailer. We know. We've worked for both. We'll help you evaluate your online marketing readiness, gauge your competitors' strengths and weaknesses and identify your target audiences online. Whatever our clients mean when they say "Go deep," we can and we do.

InSite Top 10 Competitor Keyword Audit


Boost your visibility on the most valuable industry keywords with easy-to implement tactics.

  • What are the most valuable, relevant keywords that will deliver pre-qualified traffic?
  • Are there significant advantages to targeting search engines other than Google?
  • Who are the Top 10 online competitors to beat?
  • How do you duplicate and exceed their results?
  • What specific actions can you take right now to boost your free traffic significantly?

Introductory Pricing:

InSite Top 10 Competitor Keyword Audit
Introductory Pricing: As low as $229 per report.

Contact us for a competitive quote:

Tel: 1-866-793-0003   Email: sales@sundancemediainc.com

Valuable additional services to get the most of your online dollar:

InSite Link Ranking

3500 link partners are not all equal
Given the level of potential payoff and potential effort, we evaluate and rank the quality of link partners to deliver traffic and highest page rankings.
You are able to leverage your campaign resources most effectively.

MediaMetrics Analytics

Are you wasting your time with tire-kickers?
What does traffic do when it gets to your site? Which traffic ‘converts’ to sales or leads?
Tune out the noise and focus your efforts on measurable results.

InSite Comprehensive Search Engine Ranking Report

Get the complete picture on your online search competitors
Top 10 online competitors, any five search engines, 40 selected keywords … now that’s a competitive landscape you can use to orient your efforts.

Insite Keyword Research

Know your market intimately.
What are the millions of searches online in any of thousands of categories that relate to purchaser behaviour? How can your offerings be pitched to those searchers as click-worthy?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Get in front of your audience fast.
Learn in detail what the market is searching for, day by day. Put your marketing in front of people already looking for you.
Launch highly-targeted paid search campaigns and adjust results, hour by hour.
Play with the big boys for low cost, learn fast where to position yourself.

Automated SEM

Why react to the market when you can let our intelligent campaign manager chart a path to follow your goals?
Packed with additional features including competitive intelligence and ad evaluation.
Keep your focus on your high-value activity and leave housekeeping to the robots.

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* InSite SEO QuickStart Program is intended for your in-house web staff to implement. Contact us if you require a professional referral to do the job efficiently.
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