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OpenX Consulting and Contextual Banner Advertising

Are you paying too much for ad trafficking?

Why should you use Double Click, 24/7 or Atlas when you could be using OpenX! Cut your high costs of serving contextual banner ads on your website by up to 75% by switching to OpenX.

OpenX is a free, open source ad server that manages the selling and delivery of your online advertising inventory. It is extremely robust and rivals the leading competitor systems with all of the tracking, targeting, management and reporting features you need. We are OpenX experts using this remarkable platform for its versatile ad serving capabilities and as a cost effective dynamic content serving tool.

Sundance Media will save you thousands of dollars on your ad serving program while providing you with expert optimization and enhanced reporting features from our own integrated analytics system. We tailor our ad and content serving programs to meet your company’s budget, goals and objectives.


Strategic Research

Seek To Understand.

How did visitors reach your website? Why did they abandon you? Who caught their eye next? Who are your top 10 competitors? How do you compare? Now, where are the opportunities?

In Phase 1 of our typical project, we analyze a client's website and online presence versus competitors and the industry. We reveal powerful and relevant data on:

  • The Client.
  • The Client's customers and visitors.
  • The Competition.

Each Sundance client gets a custom set of reports that suit its needs and budgets. For example, our work for an automaker may differ from that for a sporting goods retailer. We know. We've worked for both. We'll help you evaluate your online marketing readiness, gauge your competitors' strengths and weaknesses and identify your target audiences online. Whatever our clients mean when they say "Go deep," we can and we do.

Search Engine Marketing


In Phase 2 of a project, Sundance transforms what we learn about client, industry, competitors, and customers in Phase 1 into a custom online strategy. We designed our Online Marketing Services to help clients:

  • Increase the volume and quality of website traffic.
  • Optimize paid search or PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns.
  • Monitor and manage PPC campaigns long term.
  • Test and deliver dynamic, relevant website content based on user profiles and demographics.
  • Boost customer loyalty by using interactive marketing with intelligent behavioral profiling techniques.

Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) and / or ROI metrics are the bedrock of everything we do. We use industry standard, specially developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to benchmark our results. Our best-of-breed Analytics tools measure performance and aggregate data across digital channels. This allows marketers to make better, fact-based decisions about their online marketing mix.

Mobile Marketing

This call is for you.

Mobile Marketing is a true wunderkind of the Digital Revolution. One and a half billion Mobile users worldwide exchange over 350 million text or SMS messages every month. An estimated 15% of those messages contain commercial content. Plus, audio and video messaging (MMS), mobile web browsing and mobile search are taking off thanks to next-generation wireless.

Marketers and media companies are fast embracing Mobile as a powerful 1-on-1 link between campaign and consumer. Using Mobile coupons, contests, votes, product feedback info and much more, marketers are going Mobile to get consumers into their stores and onto their sites. Mobile increases brand awareness, drives sales, promotes events and locks in customer loyalty.

Sundance Media has partnered with Mobile industry leaders to craft Mobile solutions that leverage and support other media initiatives. Deploying SundanceMediaMetrics, we fully integrate mobile campaign data into our powerful web analytics engine. Now you can target your audience, gauge response, and build an invaluable customer database as easily with Mobile as you do Online. You can zero-in on performance, user-by-user.

Get moving. Give us a ring.


Measuring business value.

SundanceMediaMetrics is powered by the Yahoo! Web Analytics platform and is now offered free to our clients. SundanceMediaMetrics can boost campaign ROI and ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) by revealing critical data about the effectiveness of online platforms and related initiatives - what works and what doesn't. These insights will enable you to optimize websites and ad campaigns for better acquisition, conversion and retention.

Click here for more information or to get your FREE enterprise web analytics account today!

White Label Partnerships

Agencies, we're in your corner.

North American consumers now get more than 25% of their media exposure online. Pricing is rising fast for online marketing, including SEM, and competition is fierce. Mobile is exploding as a brand new channel and a platform supporting traditional media campaigns. What's next ? Are you equipped? Can you handle the new media mix your clients demand?

A leading global consultancy recently documented advertisers' frustration with the small number of agencies that have the skills to manage digital campaigns alongside traditional initiatives. Where do you fit? Is your agency missing revenue opportunity?

Sundance keeps its agency partners ahead of the wave, not missing the boat. Our White Label partnerships let agencies, PR firms, and design houses concentrate on what they do best. We excel as your outsourced digital team. Put our Online Research, SEM, and cross-platform Analytics expertise to work for your clients' benefit. And you'll take the credit!

Let us help you help them.






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